We are
Next Venue!

We are Next Venue!

Here, you'll discover historical, industrial, rural and innovative event venues. These are inspiring settings for meaningful encounters. From weddings to conferences and from company celebrations to product launches, we collaborate with you to create an event that surpasses all expectations. Whether to inspire or inform, celebrate or connect, whatever your goal, your event will be unforgettable at a Next Venue location.

Over 10 event venues
with character

Next Venue is your partner in crafting unforgettable encounters. With a diverse selection of over 10 venues, we offer the perfect backdrop for any event. Be it innovative, rural, historical, or industrial, our services extend beyond merely renting out a space. We ensure a complete experience with our locally sourced and freshly prepared dishes, along with technical support. Whether planning a romantic wedding or a corporate event, we go the extra mile to make your gathering a success.

Always the perfect setting

Next Venue's event locations are situated in the country's heart, each with its unique charm. Immerse your audience in the historical ambiance of an old castle or opt for a stylish and industrial look during a conference. If you prefer a small, intimate event, why not venture into nature and host a cosy party in a picturesque farmhouse? Explore our venue finder and discover your ideal location.

A better taste

At your event, we serve your guests freshly prepared, delicious food and drink. We partner with local farmers, bakers, brewers, and other food producers. Knowing them personally ensures they work with respect for people, animals and the environment, making everything taste better. We assure you: for all the delightful flavours you know from afar, we offer equally tasty local alternatives. Pure in taste, ethically produced, and seasonal.

Always the right support

But perhaps most importantly, you're never on your own with Next Venue. A team of advisors, technicians, hospitality experts, chefs and other specialists eagerly share their event expertise with you. Together, we'll prepare for your big day, from the initial online browsing to the first venue visit and from the preparations to the follow-up after the event. Working with Next Venue feels like a celebration because the experience is as memorable as the event itself.