Sustainable event for you, us and the world

How we do sustainable business

At Next Venue, we believe that events are only truly inspiring when they have a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why sustainability is important to us. We’re transparent about our journey: we’ve made significant progress, but there’s still room for improvement. That's why we keep taking steps and like to work with you to make events even more responsible.

What drives us

Sustainable because it can be done

There are plenty of reasons to make sustainable choices. What motivates us, you might ask? We firmly believe that it’s the right thing to do. Moreover, there’s a deeper fulfilment in leaving the world slightly better than we found it.

We think this is important

New isn’t always better. Recycling forms the basis of everything we do. We choose to revitalise existing buildings and, where possible, reuse materials for interiors. Not just because it’s better for the environment; previously used items have character and stories, adding an extra layer of depth to your event.

Clean energy

Many of our event venues use soil temperature for heating and cooling, generate energy with roof-top solar panels and utilise heat pumps. Some of the sites are energy-neutral and gas-free. You might be surprised to learn that even our historic monuments are remarkably energy-efficient, thanks to smart insulation.

Local food and drink

Close to home, you can find so many delicious things to eat and drink. which is why we serve you and your guests produce from nearby made by farmers, bakers, brewers and other Dutch food makers who work with respect for people, animals and the environment. Whenever possible, we choose resh, seasonal produce as it not only tastes better but also reduces food kilometres. So relish, responsibly!

Less transport and waste

All our venues are available on a turnkey basis. From stages to screens and event furniture: it’s already there. That saves a lot of polluting transport kilometres. Additionally, our programme to combat food waste  turns meal leftovers into compost. We separate waste and have glass crushers and compactors at each venue, reducing the transport required for waste processing.

A sustainable national monument

A++++ energy label for Mauritskazerne

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Can you make a national monument that’s more than a century old as energy-efficient as a new building? Yes, you can!

Food direct from the farmer to your plate

That tastes better

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We serve delicious, locally sourced food, using produce direct from the land. This is better for the environment, the farmer and our guests.