What is Next Venue?
Next Venue is a platform where you can find and book inspiring event venues. But we offer more than that. Our advisors can provide input about the right venue and details of your event.

What makes a Next Venue special?
First of all, their look and feel. When guests arrive at a Next Venue, you’re already 1-0 up. What’s also great is that every venue has a special story that you can link to your event.

Are Next Venues sustainable?
Yes. Every venue has its own sustainability programme focused on reducing environmental footprints. Next Venues also work with local food suppliers and offer opportunities to people a distance from the labour market.

Are Next Venues reliable?
One hundred percent. All venues are members of the Dutch Venue Association (DVA). In order become members, they have to comply with strict requirements in the areas of safety and quality, amongst others. Next Venues are also financially reliable and transparent when it comes to tenders and invoices. You will know exactly what you will get and what you pay for.

Which questions should I ask when looking for a suitable venue?
Surprise us! You can ask us anything. Whether it’s about renting the venue, catering, technology and equipment, decoration or entertainment during your event. With over 25 years of experience, there is quite a chance we can help.

Is booking via Next Venue more expensive than booking directly with the venue?
No. On the contrary. By booking with Next Venue, you book directly with the venue. No delay and no extra costs. Nice and easy, right?

How can I contact you?
Call us on +31 (0)88 - 000 15 21 to speak to an advisor who will be happy to help. If you prefer to send us an email, please complete the contact form!