Fourth edition of TravDay in De Rijtuigenloods!

Fourth edition of TravDay in De Rijtuigenloods!

TravDay is a key trade event for the travel industry, organised by TRAVelMedia. Held biannually in both Belgium and the Netherlands, the trade fair showcases stands from travel agencies, accommodation and airlines, among others. These exhibitors provide visitors – mainly travel consultants, independent travel consultants, travel agency CEOs and tour operators – with the latest news on their products and services. The event was a resounding success! Due to its success, the organisers have already planned the fifth edition of TravDay at De Rijtuigenloods. Iris Bax (Event Manager for TRAVelMedia) shares her insights and experiences. Read on to learn more.

“The first three editions of TravDay were held at a beautiful location in Hilversum. However, as the event grew, we realised we were outgrowing the space due to the growing number of stands and visitors.So we started looking for a new venue,and De Rijtuigenloods soon came to mind.”

Why De Rijtuigenloods?

“I was already familiar with De Rijtuigenloods as a large, well-known venue in the region. When I was asked to look for a new venue for TravDay, it was a natural choice. We work in the travel industry, so I especially liked the connection with the carriages and travel. The historical railway carriages in De Rijtuigenloods can be seen everywhere, making the venue really unique. It’s also a large space offering a lot of oversight, something we increasingly missed at the previous venue. Finally, the venue’s super central location and the fact that we didn't have to worry about furnishing or decor were a big plus, too. In fact, this is all standard at the venue, including the carriages, plants, tables and chairs, making it a cost and time-efficient choice. So, all in all, many advantages, which made the decision easy,” Iris explains enthusiastically.

What was TravDay like?

Iris: “Me and two other colleagues arrived early to go through everything with the party manager, Nancy, our contact during the event. Everything had been prepared in advance, as per our plan. After a few minor adjustments to the layout of the stands, we were all set. It was nice that Nancy was so flexible with everything; it ensured a smooth start to the day. The exhibitors set up their stands at around noon, with visitors arriving from 2 p.m.”

“De Rijtuigenloods hosted around 70 stands across its large rooms. The venue actually consists of two large rooms, which we arranged symmetrically as far as possible to manage the crowd flow. This worked well because everyone remained fairly evenly distributed around the venue during the day. That was very nice. In addition to the exhibition space, we used several carriages for various presentations and break-out sessions. The event also featured activities like a fortune teller and a masseur, adding to the spectacle.

What are your experiences?

“We look back on the event very positively. We received a lot of positive feedback about the venue. It felt like both a business event and a day out for everyone. Preparations also went smoothly, with flexible and supportive collaboration. I’d actually expected more difficulties in organising such a big event, but everything went very smoothly. We had such a good feeling about the day that we decided to organise the next edition at De Rijtuigenloods again. We look forward to returning here in a few months’ time!”

Want to host your event at De Rijtuigenloods too?

We will be happy to tell you all about the options. Call +31 (0)88 000 1574 or e-mail You can also put together your quote quickly and easily via our website, where you will get an instant insight into the options and costs.

TravDay is the trade event for the travel industry

What are your experiences?

“We look back on the event very positively. We received a lot of positive feedback about the venue. It felt like both a business event and a day out for everyone.”

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