Next Venue Guarantee Fund before August 1st.

After times of uncertainty, it’s high time to get back to work carefree again. Bookers want to book again and do what they are good at, i.e. organising great events! At Next Venue, we understand this all too well. That is why we have set up the Next Venue guarantee fund, to offer you our client peace of mind!

Insure peace of mind!
Do you want to book an event you can be sure of, even in unexpected situations? The Next Venue Guarantee Fund makes it possible. This special fund guarantees any type of event you book. From major conferences and trade fairs to small business gatherings. When you book a location with Next Venue, you get to use the guarantee fund and enjoy the complete peace of mind it gives you!

The Next Venue guarantee fund offers:
The guarantee that you can relocate your event free of charge in emergencies, at any time from 10 working days to a single day before the date of the event. This ensures your event is properly protected against unexpected situations, which is good to know!

Safety first is the motto
Apart from our Next Venue guarantee fund, we also guarantee a safe environment for the day your event is held, with the hygiene and social distancing rules (1.5-metre distance) strictly observed. Each location has its own protocol, which is followed to the letter.


So, book your Next Venue now!

Our guarantee fund means you’re covered! The fund has been specially set up for events and means you can relocate your event free of charge in emergencies. It’s THE guarantee you need to start booking again.

The rules?
They are simple. Your insurance can be claimed from 10 working days to one day prior to your event in the case of the following emergencies:

  • A pandemic such as Covid-19
  • A government ban on organising your event
  • Death of board member(s)
And the costs? They are transparent:
  • We charge 2% of the quotation value

  • Also good to know:
  • We choose a new date in consultation, which must be no later than 6 months after the original event date.
  • It is also possible to relocate your event to one of the twenty other Next Venue locations

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