Mauritskazerne receives A++++ energy label

04 Jul 2023

Mauritskazerne receives A++++ energy label

Can you make a national monument that’s more than a century old as energy-efficient as a new building? Absolutely, and Next Venue can show you how. The Mauritskazerne in Ede recently received the A++++ energy label.

When you first arrive at the former infantry barracks, it feels like stepping back in time. With its traditional windows, stepped gables and carvings above the entrance, the venue radiates historical charm. Engineer Mr Van Stolk was clearly inspired by the Neo-Renaissance style. However, energy efficiency wasn’t high on the agenda between 1904 and 1906.

3,600 new windows

A lot of work has, therefore, taken place behind that historic facade in the past two years to enhance the monument’s sustainability. For example, every floor, wall and ceiling has been insulated. It was a huge undertaking, just like replacing the barracks' 3600 windows. That’s where double monument glazing came in. It provides efficient insulation while maintaining the traditional appearance of old glass. Lastly, a special film was installed beneath the roof tiles that both insulates and ventilates.

Energy from the ground

Thanks to all these sustainable measures, much less energy is needed in the Mauritskazerne. But what about heating? When needed, it is initially supplied by a ground-source heat pump system. This system stores excess heat in the ground during the summer, which is then used to warm the building in winter. In the summer, the ground-source heat pump system operates in reverse, using the coolness from the ground to maintain a pleasant temperature in the office and meeting rooms.

Clean electricity from invisible solar panels

On the really cold days, a little extra help is sometimes needed from the new heat pumps, which, incidentally, run on green energy. In fact, nowadays, solar panels are installed on the roof of the Mauritskazerne. They are positioned to be invisible from the ground, preserving the historic appearance of the barracks. The solar panels generate around 40,000 kWh of clean electricity per year, contributing to the fact that 61.9% of the energy used at the Mauritskazerne is renewable.

Underfloor heating and motion sensors

It’s not just outside that the historic character of the barracks has been taken into account in making the building more sustainable. The same is true inside. For example, all offices and meeting rooms have underfloor heating and cooling systems, which are completely invisible yet provide modern comfort. And thanks to motion sensors and timers, the LED lights in the barracks are only on when necessary.

One of the most sustainable monuments in the Netherlands

So all these measures have earned the Mauritskazerne an A++++ energy label, the second-highest energy label available for non-residential buildings. Achieving such an energy label is completely unique for a national monument. In fact, such energy labels are not compulsory for such buildings because you can’t simply make such a monument more sustainable. Many regulations apply and not all new sustainability solutions are feasible for older buildings. At Next Venue, we embrace this challenge. In the Mauritskazerne, we show that you can make monuments even more energy-efficient without compromising on their #appearance. Our approach transforms monuments into even more inspiring venues for meetings, work or events.

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