Minimise your footprint!

29 Jan 2024

Minimise your footprint!

Do you want to organise an event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests while having a minimal impact on the environment? Here are some tips to minimise your footprint.

Local suppliers

Instead of hiring a caterer from Maastricht, decoration from Groningen  and a tech supplier from Enschede, consider working with local suppliers. This is not only convenient but also reduces the environmental footprint of your event. It’s good to know that Next Venue locations have everything you need for your event in-house, saving a lot of polluting transport.

Digital only

Opt for online tickets, digital invitations and programme details in an app or on screens. This saves a lot of trees from being cut down and  takes little effort.

Conscious food choices

What you serve can make a big statement. Ask for a catering proposal that includes, for example, organic and seasonal products from local suppliers. This significantly reduces food kilometres. Consider offering meat-free options and serving tap water instead of bottled water to further reduce your footprint.

Public transport

Encourage guests to come to your event by public transport. Travelling by train generates only 30 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometre, compared to the average car journey which emits 133 grams per kilometre. This is much better for the environment.

No-show policy

On average, 10 to 30 percent of guests don’t show up at business events, leading to wasted snacks, drinks and even entire meals. An active no-show policy can help reduce food waste. At Next Venue locations, you can even take home any leftover food.

Sustainable energy

Choose an energy-conscious venue. For example, all Next Venue locations adhere to an energy efficiency programme. The Amsterdome is gas-free, De Rijtuigenloods uses solar panels and the Midden Nederland Hallen regulates temperature using geothermal 

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